Summer Camp

Origami Summer Camp



Looking for the perfect summer activity?  Origami is not only a fun and ancient art form, it is also a skill that is intertwined with science and math.  With our 4-day summer classes, your child can learn a talent to enjoy for a lifetime.
Our 4-day, 2-hour summer classes are crafted to teach origami from the ground up for children of all ages. The camp runs 1:00-3:00 pm Tuesday through Friday.

“Origami Camp was awesome! The kids and teachers were so nice and I loved all the folds I learned! It was really fun, and I hope I can come back next summer! This class made origami fun and easy!” – L.

“I really like this origami class because I get to make origami animals. Some books are too hard but the teacher really helped a lot!” – M.

DAY 1: On the Tuesday of the camp week we will focus on some of the history of origami and how it developed from religious applications in the early 1400s to helping find the best way to pack modern-day airbags and satellites. We will teach respect for the paper, and a focus on accuracy and patience. We will start with a few simple models and then choose a complicated model to build toward for the rest of the week.

DAY 2: On Wednesday, we will continue to teach the basic folds needed for origami and what those folds look like in origami books, so you can read them on your own. We will also create more models that integrate the folds needed for the group’s complex project, and continue to create models to decorate and take home.

DAY 3: On Thursday we will review some of the models we have already created and see how we can improve on our folding skills. Origami strives for perfection, though it never achieves it. This creates a great opportunity to instill pride in each child for their work as they noticeably improve on their models, with practice and patience. We will also make some modular origami models to help teach these values.

DAY 4: On Friday we will use everything we have learned the entire week to create our complex model. We will make it while reading diagrams and helping each other make something each child will be proud of. At the end of the week, the children will be able to read standard origami books and leave with not only works of art they created, but a great appreciation for the hard work and dedication involved in learning a foreign talent.

Summer Camp at Our Studio in Park Slope, Brooklyn