Grading & Promotions

In Taro’s Origami Method, we do not teach how to fold specific origami figures.  Rather, we teach origami folding “techniques” to enable students to be able to fold any origami figures they like.

All origami begins with the same basic folds.  All too often beginners rush through these folds, but the key to quality origami lies not in speed, but in the accuracy of the basics.  Only after you’ve carefully learned these folds can you use them to create new origami.  Here at Taro’s Origami Studio, we have classified those basic folds according to difficulty so that you can master the basics and graduate to more complicated designs.  With our classes, patience, and attention to detail, you will be able to fold anything!

Each student in our origami class receives a colored wristband depending on the graduated level of skill (or Kyu in Japanese).  A small sticker will be put on the wristband as you progress through your Kyu until you reach a test to graduate to the next level.

To advance to the next Kyu, you will be asked to demonstrate a selection of skills from both your Kyu and any of those leading up to it.  These steps must be memorized to graduate.

The testing day is the last Tuesday of each month and takes place after the children’s class (3:00-4:15pm).

Kyu Colors

Yellow Belt (6th Kyu)
Blue Belt (5th Kyu)
Orange Belt (4th Kyu)
Purple Belt ( 3th Kyu)
Green Belt (2th Kyu)
Red Belt (1th Kyu)