Frequently Asked Questions


Questions About Origami Projects

Question #1  Can you fold a…..?


YES!  If you can think of it, we can fold it!  Taro’s Origami Studio has a team of dedicated origami professionals with years of design and problem-solving experience in the field of paper folding.  If it exists in the world, we can re-create it in paper.  Often this is just a question of budget and time constraints.

Question #2  How fast can you fold a…..?


How fast it takes us to create what you want is a different question, with a lot of different factors.  Let’s say you would like us to fold you some origami birds.  Please look at the pictures below.

I’m sure you noticed that all three of these origami birds have some pretty large differences.  Specifically the simple bird takes about 2 minutes to fold, while the regular crane is about 6 minutes, and the complex crane can take 3-4 hours.  This is the case with pretty much any origami item you might be interested in, from animals to dinosaurs to people to flowers, there are simple ways to fold each of them and there are harder and more intricate ways to fold each of them.  If we use the birds as an example, these are just 3 models, but there are literally hundreds of other origami birds we could fold that can range from minutes to many hours each.  Traditionally, the more complex and intricate the model, the longer it will take us to fold it.

Question #3  How much will it cost for you to fold a……?


The short answer is that we charge 50$ an hour for origami folding.  The more detailed answer is that it depends.  Please look at the 3 birds above again.  The simple bird and regular crane are both folded using traditional Japanese origami paper called “Kami”.  Kami is relatively inexpensive, and is included in the 50$ an hour cost, but the complex crane was made using specially created origami paper that allows for details that wouldn’t be possible with Kami paper.  Each project is unique and there are sometimes material costs that need to be added to our hourly rates as a result.

Questions About Origami Studio

Question #1 Can I learn some origami here?


Of course!  We offer 2 different origami teaching methods: lessons with a teacher, and lessons with our tablets.  Classes with a teacher are best scheduled in advance so that we can work with you to assess your skill level and teach models you are comfortable with, but they can also be taught on a walk-in basis at the discretion of the staff.  Classes with the tablets require no scheduling and can be used whenever the studio is open and there are no private events happening.  The tablets have origami models built into them and have animations to help people move from step-to-step.  They are best for beginners to origami

Question #2  I’m using the tablets, can I get some help with the models?


The Taro’s Origami Studio staff is happy to get you through any tricky parts of working with the tablets when available, but if you find yourself requesting help often, please consider taking a class with a teacher so we can better help you master the origami folds.

Question #3  Can I rent out the studio for something other than an origami event?


You sure can!  The rate for use of the space is 100$ an hour for up to 15 people.  Feel free to stop in and get a feel for the size of our location if you’d like.