Lexus Dealership Events in New Jersey

As a part of the campaign to lunch the brand new, 2018 Lexus LS, Several Lexus Dealerships in New Jersey have invited Taro’s Origami Studio to fold models for guests.  Here is a quick reminder of some other work we did on the Lexus National Campaign and how we became connected with the Lexus Brand.  There were 2,000 of these little origami models!  You can find out more on that project HERE.

Crafting guest experiences as carefully as we craft vehicles. Link in bio.

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 Lexus of Cherry Hill

The first origami event was at the Lexus of Cherry Hill location outside of Philadelphia.  The event had a full band and despite the “thundersnow” in the area the turnout was great!  The Taro’s Origami artist folded animals and cars for guests and staff members of all ages to take home.  There were even a few great lessons with younger guests so that they could have some fun making their own models, like the candy box model shown below.


This event had a live band as well as some great food to go along with the origami.



An origami folder learning the first few folds.



The finished candy box model!

Lexus of Atlantic City



Here is Origami artist Ben Friesen making some models for event guests.


Origami Easter bunnies!


Later in the month, Taro’s Origami sent an artist to the event in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  Because the event happened right after Easter weekend, bunnies were quite popular and they all hopped off the table and home with guests about as quickly as they where folded.  Some other popular origami models were 3D hearts that  could be mad and delivered to someone special after the event.  Some people simply requested models that could be folded for them, and others jumped in to the fun to fold their own.



The Origami table for the event in Atlantic City



Both events were in celebration of the release of the new Lexus LS.