Rockridge Public Library Event

Last week, the Taro’s Origami Staff in Oakland, California went down the street to visit and teach a workshop at the Rockridge Public Library.  The event was taught by Jennifer Linderman, the talented origami teacher for the Oakland branch, and there were about 50 people in attendance for the workshop.

For this workshop Jennifer taught a simple origami light box model, based on the waterbomb base and once people got the hang of it there were able to take the lessons that they learned and expand on them to create their own origami light string creation.  These are great models to learn for the holidays as they are a lot of fun to build and string around anyone’s house to provide some holiday cheer.

If you would like to learn fun models like this, feel free to stop by the Oakland or Brooklyn locations and have a class of your own, tailored to your skills and interests.

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