Google Pixel 2 Holiday Event

This weekend in Manhattan, Frank Ling of Taro’s Origami Studio helped run an origami booth at a Google pop-up store in recognition of the Pixel 2 phone.

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For this holiday event, the Taro’s Origami Studio staff created a few fun models that were then displayed at the booth, so that guests for the event can stop by and either learn how to fold one of them for themselves, or take one of the models home to decorate.  This kind of event allows for a lot of fun and flexible interactions with guests.  If you would like to engage in an origami lesson, the staff can help you no matter where you are with your origami skills, but then also you can make requests and also leave with something special.  Origami booths like this one are a very popular way that the Taro’s Origami Studio has been able to help merge corporate goals with public enjoyment of the art form.