Metlife Stop Motion Origami Money Campaign

Metlife recently contacted Taro’s Origami Studio to help with an international on-line dollar bill origami campaign, and Taro’s was happy to create some new designs for them.  The campaign revolves around using dollar bills to fold into faces that can be used in fun ways on their social media outlets.  Frank Ling, who has extensive stop-motion origami experience, was invited up to their Manahttan headquarters and folded for them faces that were created using the currencies from Japan, South Korea, Chili, China, Mexico and the United States.  The unique faces actually grew out of the differences between the currencies, by using parts of the bills to shape things like, eyes, lips, and moustaches.  You can have a look here at both the setup for the filming and then the faces

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After the designs of the faces were finalized Frank also spent some extra time folding other useful models for the campaign, including some hearts and planes, all using the different currencies of the countires and you can see some of those below as well.


In the end though, nothing is quite as expressive as video, and here is the final product of the first model that Metlife posted on their Facebook page promoting awareness of some of the important health insurance terms like “out of pocket maximums”.  In this way content that could otherwise be difficult to express has a fun and engaging aspect to it thanks to the origami!