Udemy Origami Class

Last week, The Taro’s Origami staff in Oakland CA, visited the offices of UDemy, an on-line learning platform, and taught some origami models as a part their staff wellness campaign.

Jennifer Linderman, the origami teacher for the Oakland location, traveled into downtown San Francisco to the Udemy headquarters and provided paper and origami lessons to create beautiful lotus flowers.  The Udemy staff hired Taro’s Origami Studio as a part of their internal wellness campaign and thought that origami would be a great way for the staff to engage in a highly-rewarding, but not too taxing activity.  Taro’s has provided origami lessons and classes for companies all over the United States and also specially designs each lesson to the needs of the event.

Have a look at some of the great photos from the event below!


Screenshot 2017-11-03 14.20.43 IMG_1693 IMG_1692 IMG_1691