Mindtouch Website Graphics

When Mindtouch approached Taro’s Origami Studio in Oakland CA, they were looking for a fun way to integrate exciting content and visual storytelling to their website.  Over the course of the next few months, Taro’s and Mindtouch worked together to think up, design and create origami models out of specially printed paper from the logos of clients they had worked with in the past.  Then this paper was used to make models that did a great job of incorporating past work, but also showing how they can transform into new ideas and models.

For the project, Ben Friesen of the Oakland branch of Taro’s Origami Studio created eagles, rockets, jet planes, pegasi, winged shoes, samurai swords, helmets and others in each of the different sheets of company logo paper.  Then Mindtouch took the models and shot photos of them that they could integrate into their new website redesign.  The models were a really great way to tie past projects into the future of the company and website.  Have a look at some of the models in action below:

Screenshot 2015-09-12 17.30.58 Screenshot 2015-09-12 17.31.12 Screenshot 2015-09-12 17.31.53 Screenshot 2017-11-02 12.03.45