National Parks Dollar Bill Time Lapse Campaign

The National Parks Foundation donation campaign hired Taro’s Origami Studio for some intricate time-lapse dollar bill models.  For this project, the Taro’s Origami staff spent some time designing, creating, fine-tuning and talking with the National Park Foundation about what kinds of models would best showcase their goals.  In the end, the National Parks Foundation decided on origami that used dollar bills to literally show the good that people’s donations create in the United States.




The campaign was created with the expert work of staff member Frank Ling and video-tapping him creating the models and then putting them in a high speed time-lapse so that the segments were quick enough to easily see the transformation.  This is a similar approach to how the Origami Studio has done ad campaigns for the likes of T.J. Maxx, Nickelodeon, and other impressive videos.  Sit back and enjoy the finished product below!