Bank of America Time-Lapse Dollar Bill Origami



Bank of America hired Taro’s Origami Studio for some fun dollar bill origami time-lapse Instagram videos reminding people about some great tips for using money wisely.

The Taro’s Origami resident expert on origami videos Frank Ling (who has also done some great stop-motion work with Nickelodeon and T.J. Maxx in the past) went into the Bank of America ad offices and folded these models on camera for use in their internet ad campaign.

You will be able to see how each of the different origami models that Frank folded fit into the different parts of the campaign that Bank of America wanted to touch on.  Origami is a wonderful way to visually explain things that you want to convey to your customers, while still engaging your audience with a brief piece of unique media.

Here are the 5 different videos that Taro’s Origami Studio helped create!








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