Conrad Hotels and ANA Airlines Event


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The Conrad Hotel and Japanese airline ANA (All Nippon Airways) hosted an event in Battery Park City were Taro’s staff created gifts and gave lessons to guests.  For the event the Taro’s staff setup their own origami booth, and took requests for guests as well teaching origami models that fit the themes of the event.


Taro’s Origami Studio was also tasked for this event, with making over 200 floral nametags for the registered guests.  This way each and every one of the visitors for the event had a very unique piece of handmade origami presented to them at the start of the meeting.  This was a wonderful was to help reward everyone who attended and provide something amazing that they could leave with and remember the night and brands by.  The staff on hand estimated that over 300 people were able to participate in the origami booth and as you can see from the photos, there were many happy people at the end of the night.   One of the real benefits of origami is that not only can people make requests on the spot for animals, or flowers, or whatever they would like to leave with, they are also able to try their hand at a new skill and fold a little for themselves.


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