Mental Health Association Origami Event

The Monmouth County Mental Health Association brought in Taro’s Origami Studio for a relaxing night of folding origami butterflies.  The event was held in New York, and the Taro’s staff talked with guests and explained the folds used in the creation of several models.  The origami served a few functions for attendees, as some of them engaged in folding the models themsleves, and others simply enjoyed talking with the staff about the artform and watching the professionals transform the paper.

File_002 File_003


File_000 File_004The MHA asked Taro’s to provide a few pre-folded models so that they could decorate the event space.  The lotus flowers shown on the left were made using a special kind of paper with a nice sparkle for the models and the origami butterflies on the right were models designed by the Taro’s Origami staff for the event.  Taro’s specializes not only in folding origami onsite for events, but also designing new models to fit the needs of each client.