Grey Goose Giant Origami Installation

Grey Goose, the famous French vodka company, needed something eye-catching for their Manhattan pop-up store, so they contacted Taro’s Origami for a fantastic flock of origami geese.  Here is a view of the space Taro’s designed for and what they looked like after being hanged.

Photo Dec 04, 5 41 10 PM Photo Dec 04, 5 41 26 PM

The basic model for the geese was designed especially for this installation, so that the wings and body could be shaped to appear in flight.  Each of the models was folded from its own sheet of specially colored, over-sized square paper.  The largest of the geese started with a sheet of paper over 6 feet wide.  Grey Goose has a very simple, elegant style to its branding and the origami geese provided a nice professional looking display to compliment that style.


Photo Dec 04, 5 40 50 PM  51nBLFmFmhL._SL1024_ Photo Dec 04, 6 31 44 PM