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Origami Booth:


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Taro’s Origami Studio provides origami booths where our amazing folders can create awe-inspiring models for your guests to take home.  Taro’s will work with you to pick out models that integrate the best with your brand and style and then present them in a pleasing display so that people can select something they like and watch us fold it right in front of them.  This is a unique way to engage your customers with not only your brand, but also the magic of transforming paper into works of art.  We are also available to fold a wide-range of amazing models upon request, or simply stick to some pre-selected models that fit the feel of the event.

Artist Fees:

      • Taro’s Origami Artists are specifically trained entertainment professionals
      • $150 per hour for a Taro’s Origami Junior Artist (They will only fold pre-selected models)
      • $200 per hour for a Taro’s Origami Senior Artist (They can fold a wide array of models on demand)
      • $250 per hour for Taro Yaguchi (Can fold and create models on demand; also available in full traditional Kimono dress

-Taro’s Origami Tablet Booths:


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Taro’s Origami Tablet Booths are a great addition to many different kinds of large-scale activities.  In the bast we have brought our tablets to street fairs, festivals, and gardens ti provide some easy origami instruction without the need to full origami classes.  This allows people to stop by and fold at their own pace.  These Tablet Booths are a great way to experience origami and entertain large groups of people in a laid-back cost-effective folding environment.  We bring up to 5 tablets with hundreds of origami models built into them and set them up either at one station, or around the room.  An instructor is also provided to move around the room and provide help if needed.

Tablet Artist Fees:

      • Taro’s Origami Artists are specifically trained entertainment professionals
      • $100 per hour for a Taro’s Origami Artist (The number of Artist’s will be determined by the size of the event)
      • $10 per hour for the use of our Taro’s Origami tablets

    Corporate Design Inquiries:


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    There are many different ways that Taro’s Origami Studio has helped companies in the past and can help your current project.  From origami logos, to stop-motion videos, to on site lessons, and giant installation and performances we have expertise in all of the ways to fold paper.  Each project is unique though so please contact our Corporate Projects Manager, Ben Friesen directly at Ben@tarosorigami.com to get an accurate quote for your specific needs.  You can also see a large amount of our projects here on our corporate commissions page.  As a rule of thumb, our normal rates for corporate work are :

    Original Origami Design Work:


        • $150 per hour for unique origami design by Taro’s Junior Artist
        • $200 per hour for unique origami design by Taro’s Senior Artist
        • $250  per hour for unique origami design by Taro Yaguchi

    Origami Production:


        • $50 per hour for origami folding and production for easy models
        • $75 per hour for complicated models and models designed by Taro’s Origami Artists
        • $30 delivery fee for mailing items, plus shipping which is billed at cost

    High Volume Orders:


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    Our artists can also quickly create centerpieces, set decorations, and party favors for your private or commercial event.

    – Chose from over 50 colors of standard origami paper, or any of our other papers like handmade washi or chiyogami

        • $50 per hour for origami folding and production of simple models
        • $75 per hour for production of complicated models
        • $30 delivery fee for mailing items, plus shipping which is billed at cost

    – For projects larger than 100 pieces we ask for 4 weeks of advanced notice.

    – We also reserve the right to add a 20% charge on the entire project for rush orders needed within 14 days, or a 40% charge for one with less than 7 days notice.

    Types of Paper:


    We are able to use many different kinds of materials in our origami projects, but these are the two most readily available from our studio:

    *Traditional Origami Paper: Also referred to as kami, this paper is about 6” x 6” (or 15cm sqaure to be exact) and features a solid color on one side and is usually white on the other. Foil paper is also available, in gold, silver, and a few other assorted colors. Great a for nice clean look. This paper exhibits tremendous versatility and is a staple of every origami folder.

    *Washi: We source a high quality of Washi paper from Japan. Available in a wide variety of colors and traditional patterns. Washi, first made in Japan, is produced in a way similar to that of ordinary paper, but fewer chemicals are used. The process is a long and intricate one that is often undertaken in the depths of winter, as pure, cold-running water is essential to its production. Cold makes the fibers contract, producing a crisp, textured feel to the paper.

    Origami Parties and Lessons:

    -Parties and Classes with a Taro’s Origami Certified Teacher:


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    These classes are perfect for field trips, outside birthday parties, or any other group of people that want to learn some origami.  Our trained origami staff with work with you to pick out which models you would like taught and then we help make sure that everyone achieves those models.  Classes can also be taught with a brief talk about the history of origami and how it has grown in both popularity and importance in today’s world.  Also, is you’d like we can provide origami tablets for additional lessons or instead of an origami teacher.

    Teacher Fees:


        • $150 per hour up to 10 people
        • $250 per hour up to 20 people
        • $50 per hour for setup
        • $25 per hour material fee for regular Taro’s Origami Paper

    Tablet Artist Fee (Optional):


        • Taro’s Origami Artists are specifically trained entertainment professionals
        • $100 per hour for a Taro’s Origami Artist (The number of Artist’s will be determined by the size of the event)
        • $10 per hour for the use of our Taro’s Origami tablets

      Other Costs to be Applied as Needed:

      Travel Costs (Within 4 hours of a Taro’s Studio):

      • Free travel inside Manhattan and Brooklyn (from the Park Slope Studio)
      • Free travel inside Oakland (from the Bay Area Studio)
      • Free travel inside Downtown Philadelphia (from the Philadelphia Office)
      • $75 an hour for travel outside of our current locations ($100 an hour for Taro’s Origami Senior artist, $125 an hour for Taro Yaguchi)

      Travel Costs (More Than 4 Hours from a Taro’s Studio):

      • For travel outside of a 4 hour drive from one of our locations, we charge for flight accommodations at cost
      • For events that require travel days before or after the event itself, we will charge a 1/2 of the Artist’s fee for the time spent traveling (no more than 8 hours)

      Lodging Costs:

      • For events that end after 10 PM local time, outside of New York City, Oakland, and Philadelphia we reserve the right to charge $100 a night for hotel accommodations

      Paper Costs:

      • $25 an hour for paper costs (this includes Taro’s traditional Japanese origami paper)
      • Special paper for specific events can also be created, for additional cost.  For example, branded paper with corporate logos.   Creating this paper is charged for at time and materials.   Our rates for time are $150 an hour for design work and $50 an hour for production, and materials are charged at cost.
        • Origami paper is very important to the quality of models folded; to ensure that quality we ask that clients not attempt to create this type of branded paper on their own.

      Administration Fee:

      • In order to cover the time invested in creating prototypes, building model menus, researching new designs, and creating lesson plans for certain events we charge an additional $25 an hour for each hour of a corporate event
      • This fee is waived for all schools, non-profits, and non-corporate projects.