“Origami Animals” Set — Book, Origami Paper, and a FREE Video Lesson

Origami Animalsanimal-origami-kit- Origami Animals Set — Book, Origami Paper, and a FREE Video Lesson

Set Price: $17.95
+Free Video Lesson

$17.95 Set Includes:
-“Origami Animals” by Vicente Palacios ($9.95 value);
-80 origami sheets ($8.00 value);
-One Taro’s Origami video lesson of the model of your choosing


To Purchase Your Animal Origami Set:

Step 1: Select a model from the list below.
Step 2: Provide billing and shipping information
Step 3: Register for a Taro’s Origami Studio account
Step 4: Enjoy the book and paper alongside the streaming video
Step 5: Additional videos are available for $0.99 each

Select Your Favorite Model to Receive a Taro’s Origami Method Video Lesson

In each video, a Taro’s Origami Teacher will demonstrate each step of folding the model of your choice using Taro’s Origami Method.

Bear Camel Cat Chicken
Dog Dragon Elephant Fish
Flying Bird Fox Goose Hippopotamuse
Mouse Rabbit Seal Squirrel
While the videos provide step-by-step folding assistance, they cannot guarantee the perfect completion of the model. Origami takes both patience and practice. If you are interested in learning origami directly from a Taro’s Origami Teacher, please contact us.
You can add more video lessons online after buying this set


Contents of the set

Book Description

Price: $9.95
64 pages
Publisher: Dover Publications (August 24, 2012)
Language: English
Number of Origami Models: 20
Description on the back of the book: “Oigami enthusiasts at all levels of experience will delight in these imaginative animals. Created by expert paper folder Vicente Palacios, the simple but detailed folding instructions include helpful two-color illustrations of each step. Twenty charming creatures range from simple versions of a swan, rabbit, and dog to more complex models of a fox, elephant, and frog. Other whimsical figures include a goose, hippo, bear, camel, and dragon — a splendid menagerie that will enrich any origamist’s repertoire.


Origami Paper Description

Price: $8.00
Showa Grimm
Language: Japanese
Number of Origami Sheets: 80
Paper is an essential tool for any folder, and this paper folding kit contains 80 sheets of 15 × 15 cm paper. Assorted colors; all sheets are colored on one side and white on the other. Ideal for a wide range of models, from simple to complex. Contains a bonus pamphlet with assorted diagrams at the intermediate skill level. Imported.