Mandy Fong, Teacher in New York, NY

The first time Mandy saw origami was when she was 4; her mother made her a paper shirt out of a piece of Chinese daily calendar paper. At 8, her friend made a simple origami frog. That’s when she started to want nothing but origami books. She focused her energies on origami projects. From being a student resident at Eyebeam Atelier to making a Graphic Design Portfolio Magazine for class, there really wasn’t a time origami was not on her mind.

Mandy studied Graphic Design for three years and graduated with a degree in Public Relations to pursue a career in event planning. Aside from origami, she loves drawing, painting, DIYs, and just about any kind of arts and crafts.


Taro’s Origami Studio, Park Slope
95 Seventh Avenue, 2nd Floor (between Union St. & President St.) Brooklyn, NY 11215
T. 718-360-5435


New York, Brooklyn and Bronx

Mandy’s Works


  • Modular
  • Animals
    • Geometric
    • Realistic
  • Practical
    • Boxes
    • Decor
  • Floral
  • Tessellations